Learning Center

Welcome to the Effect Group Learning Center! In this Section of the website, we will publish Walktroughs and Videotutorials, with the aim to show the main functionalities of Effect Group.

Because even though Effect Group is designed to be an “easy to use” Service, there are always little hidden tricks that can be useful. We want you to get the most out of our Service, so we try to make your life a little bit easier!

People Search - Walkthrough

Throughout this Walkthrough, we will see how to perform one of the simplest searches (“Full Name Search”), and all the data we can extract from that single Input. From "Person Details" to "Officers Director" data, through "Leaked Data", "Social Accounts" associated to Target Emails or Mobile Phone Numbers and, in case would be a UK Resident, Target possible Address and Phone Numbers associated to it.

We can complement a “People Search” with other of our Services, such as AML Check, to find out if our Target has been exposed in any other Security Breaches or if it has been involved in Corrupt Practices, such as “Money Laundering”. We will see these two types of searches in detail, in later videos that we will publish in this section.

Business Search - Walkthrough

Effect Group offers Worldwide Company Information Search Services, although we have added a functionality to search for Company Information in the UK. Therefore, we will be able to use the Government Services to search for extended UK Company and Officers information, and access the most comprehensive and reliable Datasets for searching Companies and Directors information Worldwide.

The steps to obtain the information are very simple, but we wanted to make this Walkthrough to show all the information you can access from a single place.

As in “People Search”, we can complement the information about a Company or an Officer using other of our Services to: Discover Money Laundering activities, Offshore Leaks, Crime and Corrupt Activities… All you need to know, from a single place: This is Effect Group!

UK Residents – Search Tutorial

In this third Videotutorial, we want highlight one of the functionalities that, at first, may go unnoticed, but which is very useful for the research of "UK Residents".

Clicking in the “UK Residents Checkbox”, we will access to the “UK Addresses” related to our Target, and we will have the possibility, from the "UK Residents Tab”, to search who lives at a UK given address, as well as the possibility to search for Telephone Numbers associated with any given address. Here we explain how to

Email and Mobile Phone Numbers – Re-Search Tutorial

"Popups” are very useful when we want to extract more information about the Data Pieces our systems have detected about our Target. All the Emails and Mobile Phone Numbers available in or “Person Details” Results Page, can be analyzed in detail through “Popups”, extracting more “Social Accounts” and “Leaked data” from our Target.

Actually, our systems extract the “Leaked Data” and “Social Accounts” related to one email (always trying to take a personal email) from our Target. Same for Mobile Phones: We show Results related to the First Personal Mobile Phone Number (if available)

But many times, our systems are able to find 2, 3, 4 and even 10 emails related to the person we are searching for,and we display in the ”Person Details” Tab. Same for Mobile Phone Numbers.

In those situations, “Leaked Data” and “Social Accounts” related to other Emails (both personal and work related) or Mobile Phone Numbers are not analyzed. But this can be done trhough the “Popups System”, given you control of what you want Effect Group anlyse for you or not.

We explain the full process in the following Videotutorial

... and more videos coming soon!